Waterless urinals are all about cost savings, reduced installation cost, and environmental preservation, all without bad odours. Not only will you save on the monthly utility bill, our urinals require no fresh water, meaning less upfront cost. Sounds good, you say, but how is all this possible?

It’s all thanks to Urimat’s patented ActiveTrap:

  1. Urine is channelled via a funnel into the odour trap and runs through the membrane into the sewage system
  2. As soon as urine stops flowing, the membrane closes, preventing dangerous gases within the sewage system from escaping
  3. The integrated MB-ActiveCube improves hygiene, reduces deposits and prevents the inside of the odour trap and the waste pipe becoming encrusted with organic matter, urine deposits and fats.

When Does My ActiveTrap Need Replacement?

Thanks to the built in visual indicator, it’s easy to tell when your ActiveTrap needs replacement. When you can see the red surface, it’s time for a replacement.