At Urimat Canada, we believe water is worth saving. In other words, we have the solution for both your business and the environment, saving you money while protecting our planet.

Product Comparison at a Glance:

All Urimat products are made from a high quality carbonate blend, featuring vandal-resistant bowl construction. In addition, they are all very lightweight, weighing under 4.5 Kgs. The ultra-smooth nature of Urimat urinals ensures absolute hygiene, with minimal maintenance required.

EcoCompact PlusEco Plus
Original Urimat UrinalEarn money with Ad DisplayEarn money with Ad Display
390 x 410 x 800 (L X W X H) (mm)340 x 365 x 720 (L X W X H) (mm)390 x 410 x 800 (L X W X H) (mm)
No Water UsageNo Water UsageNo Water Usage
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Rest assured Urimat Canada’s products meet both Waterwise and cUPC (Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code) certifications, showcasing the safety and sanitary nature of the products we carry.

CLean and user-friendly

  • Completely hygienic
  • 100% odour free
  • Cost-effective to clean

Savings in More Ways Than One

  • Save thousands of litres of water per year, per urinal
  • Easy assembly in less than 15 minutes
  • Nature benefits too
  • Eco-Friendly stance paints positive brand image for you

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Swiss quality, reliability guaranteed
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Above average lifespan
  • Carbon neutral manufacturing process

Low Cost Maintenance

  • Active Cleaner is Dermatologist Tested
  • Eco-Friendly and Inexpensive
  • Quick Cleaning Times